Excerpt of Jollier Roger – El Mordedor!

Ladies and gents, mateys and wenches! You stand now mere seconds away from one of the most exciting events of yer life; the first ever excerpt of Jollier Roger and the Golden Cross! Can ye feel the thrill welling up within? Are ye full to the gunnels with anticipation?!

Then wait no longer. Please enjoy this hilarious scene from Chapter 5 – Secret of the Waterfall, and El Mordedor.


Rocks in the way forced them to climb over and back into the water again, sometimes as deep as up to their chests or deep enough to require swimming. This far into the cave, the ceiling had taken on a tan color and looked smooth almost to the touch, shaped amazingly; sometimes like icicles, other times like upside down hills.
_____“The light has gotten pleasingly bright,” James remarked at last.
_____“Aren’t ye curious how long this blasted path goes on?”
_____The captain thought, “I suppose until we reach the final blockade.”
_____“Which is?” Estavan tried.
_____“Consider the riddle.”
_____Dogban rubbed a finger across his lip, deep in thought. “Avast, cap’n. All that stuff about there beings a beast down here . . . None o’ that true, aye?”
_____“Not as far as I know.”
_____“It is true. It serves a dual purpose,” came Estavan suddenly, and everyone stopped to look at him. “One is to allude to an echo, but the other . . . My father was an explorer. Long ago he told me the story of El Mordedor.”
_____A silence filled the cave, “And I assume that means . . . I have no clue,” James answered.
_____“It means ‘The Biter’. It was a beast of immense size which lived in a cave much like this one, he said, feeding on bats or anything fool enough to get stuck in its web. The sight of it was enough to drive my father away from the trade . . . though how he turned to piracy I’m not sure.”
_____Almost as if overhearing their conversation, something began to stir. A shadow formed on the wall; six long legs reaching, and two fangs snapping at nothing. Raju noticed first, stumbled back, and alerted the others. All but the captain quickly fell into a state of panic.
_____He looked it over and clucked his tongue. “It is a bug. An insect,” their raven-haired leader spat. “And with the Golden Cross at stake- Argh, show me to it, and I will squish it,” he said as if to children.
_____He followed the direction the shadow was cast from, then came to rest his eyes upon the ledge, giving a sarcastic laugh. “What have we here, me hearties? Ah ha, a monster! A demon! An envoy from hell!” As he spoke he hoisted up the yellow spider by its hind legs. “El Two Inch Killero!”
_____The others stared with looks of horror as he jiggled the thing at them. “Bah! You lot have the courage of mice!”
_____“Yes, Dwarf?”
_____“Didn’t ya grab that from the ledge?”
_____He thought. “I did.”
_____“Be there light on the ledge to cast the scary shadow . . . ?”
_____“Hmm, no,” he conceded, then slowly looked up to the wall. The shadow was still there and getting bigger, and as he turned his head he found himself face to face with eight eyes and two fangs. “Oh.”
_____El Mordedor opened its mouth as several of its brothers crawled down from above, “Ssseh!”
_____“Eeeheehee!” came the little spider as he dropped it in shock.



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