A Funny Story

Ahoy mates. If ye ever’ve read Peter Pan ye know two things: 1st, the ending is psychologically damagin’, and 2nd, Captain Hook sometimes shared random stories with his bossun, Mr. Smee.

So, I figure I might try and walk in his footsteps and share with yer a funny story, about this very site, Jollier Roger Cove. See, we were fired up with all sorts a’ ambition when first we decided to launch this ‘ere website, and in our case Rome could have been built in one day!

But, the very day we meant to launch this website, and in fact the very day we did launch the Facebook page, ka-boom! I caught meself a nasty sickness which knocked me on the aft for days. Still, through fever and hallucinations (well, it weren’t quite so bad), I worked with the jollier crew to keep the work goin’.

And, here we are today! Now when I take a step back to look over this Cove, I can’t help but feel a little proud… and sick. So the moral a’ this story is twofold; 1st, we be very dedicated, and 2nd, we- Well thar is no second moral, besides that thar still ain’t no cure for the flu.


2 comments on “A Funny Story

  1. And pirate flu is worse than man flu! Hope you are fully recovered ‘cos I and my ‘crew’ are thoroughly enjoying our adventure so far 😏

    Really good site- love it👍

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