Interview With Author Cristi Taijeron

Ahoy thar, me hearties! Today we’ve a special interview with the author o’ Endless Horizon Pirate Stories; Cristi Taijeron! I’m your host; Host, and I’ve got some pretty good questions about pirates and pirate tales.

So, let’s get started!

cristi taijeron

Host: Welcome to the Cove, Cristi! Yer first question is this; what made ye want to write about pirates, besides that they be awesome?

Cristi Taijeron: I have always loved pirates! Being a rebel soul all of my life, it’s the power and freedom expressed in a life of piracy which allures me to express it through my art. I’ve been drawing ships since I was young and have always loved the look of the Jolly Roger flag, but when I began researching the history of piracy for this story, that is when the true obsession took hold.

Host: Very interesting. And how would ye describe yer stories?

Cristi Taijeron: Endless Horizon Pirate Stories is a fictional series based on the true history of piracy in the Caribbean, mixing a vibrant blend of the brutal reality of the era and the romanticized allure of piracy on the high seas.

Host: And what makes yer stories and characters unique?

Cristi Taijeron: Since I write from both Charlotte and Sterling’s views, I think it makes for a unique read that both male and female readers can relate to. This is a love story, but it is far from sappy, and I think there is a good enough mix of romance and adventure to appeal to both interest.

Host: Aye, aye! So! What do potential readers really got to know about your stories?

Cristi Taijeron: The adventure of this forbidden love story takes the reader on a journey through history in a way that people of any day and age can relate to. Many things change over time, but human emotion is timeless, and the fierce passion of relentless love at the root of this tale is something I hope can attract readers of many different genres.

“Over the centuries, the law of man has divided people between social status, skin color, and religion, yet the power of love has struggled, suffered, and prevailed against these manmade divides in the most beautiful and unexpected ways. Walls collapse and worlds collide within love’s will to conquer, and with no way to tame the rebellion it sometimes inspires, it seems that perhaps, love is the greatest pirate of all.”

cover art

Host: Let’s talk a bit about yerself, now. Is there a type of scene ye most enjoy writing?

Cristi Taijeron: My stories are mixed of so many moods that it’s hard for me to answer such a question. As an artist I love explaining the scenery, as a romantic I love the passionate moments, and as a traveler I love the sailing and exploring of new lands. Though the writing of action scenes is new to me, I have come to enjoy the chaos of great gun blasts and sword fights more than I ever imagined I would.

Host: And where do ye get yer piratey inspiration from?

Cristi Taijeron: I read pirate history books often as I can and talk to as many pirate historians that will share their knowledge with me. Plus, being a stand up individual who does not like being told what to do, it is my own passion for freedom which inspires the rebellion of my characters.

Host: Sounds like fun. How close have ye ever come to an old fashioned sailing vessel?

Cristi Taijeron: I have been on board the Star of India and the HMS Surprise while they were docked here at the San Diego harbor. Other than that, my son and I got to go to sea on a battleship destroyer this past summer, and as we cruised out of the harbor we were fortunate enough to pass the HMS Surprise as she sailed out. Staring at the breathtaking sight like a dumbstruck lover, I watched her every move with a fluttering heart until she was clear out of sight.

Host: On a scale of 0 to 10, how much pirate savvy would ye say ye have?

Cristi Taijeron: Since I am a pirate, and I can do whatever I want, I’ll give myself a ten. There’s still plenty more to learn, but like everything else in my life, I’ll learn it all the hard way as I sail along.

Host: What sort of readers will most enjoy yer work?

Cristi Taijeron: I’ve done my best to express my tale in a way where pirates and landlubbers can both enjoy it. I have read some pirate stories that are without much emphasis on the history, but I have also read others that are so historically detailed that only those completely obsessed with the era (like I am) would be able to enjoy. I did my best to express the true history in a way that would appeal to both worlds.

Host: And one last question to wrap this up, and it’s a good one; who is yer favorite pirate of all time?

Cristi Taijeron: My favorite pirate is Black Sam Bellamy. (* Swoons.) Taking to his life of piracy to afford a better life for the woman he wished to marry, the underlying passion behind his pirate story reaches deep into my soul. Not only was he a handsome lover boy, but as a pirate captain he was known for the way he respected his loyal crew, which he dubbed Robin Hood’s Men. Robbing from the rich to empower the poor, this man gave hope to the hopeless, and by staying true to his promise to return to his lover proves that not all pirates were cold blooded cutthroats. There is more than just the lust for gold that makes up the good fortune in a life of piracy, and this beautifully tragic love story shows pirate life in the light which I have always admired it. (RIP Samuel Bellamy, Robin Hood’s Men & The Whydah. April 26th 1717.)

Host: And that’ll do it. Thank ye so much for stopping by, and we of the Cove hope to see you again soon!


Cristi Taijeron is a full time housewife and mother of two. She and her husband own an automotive repair shop called Solid Rock Auto, and she is also a colorful artist that sells her work under the name of Endless Horizon Designs. Cristi has been passionate about drawing, painting and writing for most of her life and it has always been her dream to publish a novel.

To learn more about the inspiration, detail of characters, artwork, and poetic lines, along with more information on the history of pirates, please visit:

Brighten Your Horizons

Endless Horizon Pirate Stories
Written by Cristi Taijeron


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