Spotlight Saturday: Green Bandana


Good to see ye all once again, me mates and rogues! We took a good while off to focus on putting Jollier Roger and the Golden Cross into print, and we did just that! Now ye can purchase a physical copy of the thrilling and hilarious tale for $9.99! Can’t go wrong with that.

But anyhoo, we’re back with another Spotlight Saturday, and this time we’re sittin’ down with the most unlucky sailor to ever sail the seas; Green Bandana!

*Subtle clappin’ as the pirate takes the stage*

Green Bandana: … Ahoy.

Host: Glad to have ye here… in one piece! Har ha! Heh. Ahem, so tell us first things first, how old be ye?

Green Bandana: Lesse… Twenty-five I think. Can’t much tell; ya don’t age on The Bottle.

Host: Hmm, true. Still, I’m surprised ye made it to such a ripe age with all the poor luck ye’ve suffered. How’d ye do it?

Green Bandana: Well, uh, once you have ‘nough bad luck, ya learn when to predict it, like. Also, this ‘ere bandana is lucky. S’why I always wear it.

Host: I see, I see. And that’s how ye got the name.

Green Bandana: Name?

Host: Never mind. What would ye say is the most unlucky thing to ever happen to ye?

Green Bandana: Besides joining the jollier crew?

Host: Aye, besides that.

Green Bandana: Well, there was this time I were helping load cargo, when the chain-

Host: Eh, that’s good enough. So! We have a fan question here, which is odd since I didn’t know ye had any. Being that ye’ve had some… fairly unfortunate accidents aboard The Bottle sailing under Captain James Roberts, well… what’s biting the big one like?

Green Bandana: Well, you never know ’til it hits ya, right?

Host: Er, I suppose. Makes sense to me! And last but not least, let’s talk color. Was green yer choice, or if ye could go back and do things over, would ye pick a different color?

Green Bandana: Hmm. I like lime.

Host: Aye…?

Green Bandana: Aye! I’d pick lime.

Host: Well, and there ye go! Another interview frapped up and ready to toss over the gunnels. Hope ye enjoyed this little excursion into the unsound minds of the jollier crew, and until next time; stay jollier!


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