Kicking the Bucket – The Tale o’ Captain Kidd

Gather ’round, boys and girls, men and wenches, and hear the tale o’ Captain Kidd’s fiendishly bad luck with piracy and buckets. I think it be a well-known story, old Kidd and his pail problems, but then I thinks to meself maybe thar be a mate out thar who never heared of it.

So, here it be.

A long, long time ago, there were a man by the name o’ William Kidd. He were a sailor from Scotland referred to as the ‘trusty and well beloved Captain Kidd’. Well, one day – on the 11th of December, 1695 – Belmont (a powerful governor) asked Kidd to go attack a few notable pirates, and any French vessels he camed across.


It was all well and good. There was a big to-do about it! Only… when it came to the actual expedition, it weren’t so easy. No, actually Captain Kidd couldn’t find any pirates – any.

His men became anxious, and started askin’ to attack other ships, such as Dutch vessels. Moore was the one who made one such suggestion, and Kidd didn’t like it. He didn’t like it so much that he and his gunner (Moore, that is) got into a heated fight about it.

… And then, the fateful bucket did happen. Yes, Captain Kidd was so provoked by all the insults he took that he heaved up a ironbound bucket and chucked it at Moore.

And that shut his hatches, let’s just say! It also, however, put the first nail in Captain Kidds coffin, as a murder charge made him a wanted man, and he had little choice but to take to piracy. Which… the long and the short of it is… led to his bein’ hanged.

But some good came out of it all! That crude missile he called a bucket led to one of the most iconic pirate traditions thar be;


Buried treasure! Aye, mates – he thought some hidden loot would give him some leverage in trial. It didn’t… but it sure did inspire many a pirate tale to come of hidden silver and gold and jewels galore.

And that’s the tale of Captain Kidd. Hope yer enjoyed it!

(William Kidd appears in Jollier Roger 3 – coming soon to a shore near ye!)


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