Captain James Roberts, and Tangerines

Ahoy, mates! We hope ye’re havin’ a wonderful Monday so far… Well act’lly we could care less, but anyhow, welcome back to the Cove! Ye’re just in time to hear a little story about the one and only Captain James Roberts, and his unusually strong affinity towards the little oranges known as tangerines.

Now while most a pirate fancies himself some gold or some spirits, maybe even some wenches, young Roberts has always been the black sheep o’ the pirate brethren, and for as long as ever he’s been on the open sea, he’s fancied himself some tangerines.

Why? Well he’s attested to the reasons before, as ye can’t do without seeing in but a few pages o’ Jollier Roger. Simple enough, though, it’s more than just the taste or the smell, or the thirst-quenchin’ juices o’ the fruit. It’s somethin’ magical what binds James to the tangerine.

But just how much does it bind him? Well, enough to value the fruit moreso than the lives of his men. Well not really, but he’ll be struck by apathy (in other words, he be rendered useless, limp, and lazy) upon hearin’ that an order o’ the fruits were missed or the cargo not loaded.

Is there a secret to this odd obsession? Or is Captain Roberts just plain odd? The blessed seven seas may never know, but ye can bet for as long as he draws breath, the man will be ever in a mood for citrus of the small orangey kind.


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