History and Lore

Here’s a little piece to get ye thinkin’, mates! Through our lives we struggle with a number o’ things, but chief among them (maybe) is telling the truth from a lie. So when we started this whole Jollier Roger thing, we didn’t know it at the time but we were about to make that even more possible by mixing history with lore.

Now, what does this mean, ye ask? Well it’s a simple matter of the story in question being packed choc-a-bloc with historical facts about the Caribbean, and the pirates who sailed the Spanish Main. But not only is there history, but there’s the little element o’ magic. Or, lore if ye prefer that.

There’s a good many legends and myths in the Jollier Roger realm, and if we may so flatter arselves, they blend in right seamlessly with the real tales. That’s got somethin’ to do with the legends takin’ root in some real stories. Sometimes we get the question, “Is that a real fact?” and it proves we’re doing a good job!

But what are we trying to accomplish, with these facts here and myths there? Well, that’s a good question, and the world may never know, but at the end o’ the day, it’s our hope that ye – the reader – will take the time to research the myths and legends, and see which are real and which are fake. We hope it gives ye a new found reason to search the seven seas of the internet for answers.

But, mostly we want ye to have a hard time.


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