Where In The World Is The Waggerbiter??? – Philosophy

Or, what in the world is the waggerbiter? That much may never be known, but he is a roving creature, showing up nobody knows where next, and leaving just as soon as he appears. This absent and friendly fellow is a denizen of the Jollier Roger universe, however, and so it falls on us to share with you the postcards he sends from time to time.

This New Year’s Eve he found himself in the midst of much celebration.

wagger 1

He told us, “People persons were screaming in terror as great balls of fire rained down from the sky!”

Despite this, he says the people soon grew accustomed to these “ceremonial explosions”, and focused their attention on swatting mosquitoes. During all of the festivities, two things happened:

wagger 2

Firstly, the waggerbiter found himself a pair of shoes, and nobody minded him taking them. “The owner of the foot-protectors was happy to part with them, yelling such things as ‘thief’ and ‘bandit’!”

But then something terrible happened… The waggerbiter went to wander about, and was not seen since.

He has been missing for some weeks now, and those who saw him last recall him muttering things such as seeing “one of the oldest cities” and other random words like “philosophy”, or “democracy”.

wagger 3

Known sometimes by his full name, Jaake Finch, the waggerbiter is considered extremely dangerous… to himself. If you know where he might be found, leave a comment or contact us with your lead:

Hinotae @ aol . com

If your lead helps us find poor Jaake Finch, a reward of 100 points will be given to you -10 for all correct answers before yours. If you tip us off first, your name will be displayed until, by chance, Jaake goes missing again.

You have your mission. Consider the baffling clues, and good luck!


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