Where In The World Is The Waggerbiter??? – Whiskers

We asked, and you answered! Following the clues left behind by the nomadic penguin-imp-creature-thing, we ventured to Athens, where we soon heard whispers on the streets. Some spoke of a ‘mysterious rogue from far away’ or ‘the fiendishly handsome man’ investigating the Acropolis.


We found the fiendishly handsome man, but we also found the waggerbiter, just as absent and gelatinous as he ever was. Thrilled, we were, and he shared with us his tale of adventure since he left in quest of wisdom and philosophy:

“Someone forgot to put walls on the house buildings!”

Surely he meant to say more, maties, but then like a phantom he was off. We gave chase–by thunder we did!–and caught him at the very edge of the docks, climbing aboard a little dinghy.

“I am off to, in a matter of speaking… see the Caribbean! There I shall find the island, which, in a word, or perhaps not? that is to say, holds the thing I want!”

We scratched our heads as we watched the waggerbiter sail off into the sunset. Well actually it was just around noon, and we only watched up to the point where a wave swallowed his boat down.


Of course he’s a fine swimmer. At least, we assumed he is. At any rate, once Jaake Finch gets an idea in his old numbskull he wont stop until he sees it done, and you may lay to that! But the question is, which island was he headed for in the Caribbean?

A better question may be, what is the thing he wants? Usually, the waggerbiter will want nothing but mushrooms, but one witness who saw him last just before he entered the ill-fated boat heard him utter the following:


But another heard him say:

“I must find, in a matter of speaking… the whiskers! And also, Blackbeard!”

wagger 3

So now, we need your help once again. Last time, it was the helpful hint of Meeps which first tipped us off to the waggerbiter’s location. If you think you know where the waggerbiter is now, send us an email, and you could win yer moment of fame: Hinotae @ aol . com

We will post an update as soon as we find him!

(Note: Only answers sent by email will be counted, as we’re far too busy following our own leads to locate Jaake.)


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