Crew Interview: Grandmum Roberts

Welcome us back, mates! It’s been a long while since we’ve interviewed the cast of Jollier Roger, but here we are to pick up where we left off. In light of Jollier Roger 2 landing ashore last month, we will be gettin’ to know the new crew members of THE BOTTLE, and some old foes as well!

Today we have a new crew member and a enemy all wrapped in one. Please welcome to the Cove… Grandmum Roberts! Hosty: Thank ye for joinin’ us again, ye salty dogs! I’m yer horribly named host, Hosty, and today we have a horribly decrepit old hag sittin’ down with us.

[Ye see a wrinkled old bat with a veil over her eyes, because, she ain’t got no eyes.]

Grandmum: You promised me rum. Where’s me rum?!

Hosty: In a second, in a second. First we have some questions for ye.

Grandmum: Well let’s get them over with, or I’ll have Henry pluck your nose off.

[The crow perched thar on her shoulder caws at your noble host]

Hosty: Eh. First one is, how be ye related to Captain James Roberts?

Grandmum: Are you stupid or something…

Hosty: Oh, ‘Grandmum’. Right. N-Next question, in yar own words, how would ye describe yarself?

Grandmum: Eh heh. Let’s just say if there was a woman who were irresistibly beautiful and indescribably wise, she could be me less desirable sister.

Hosty: I see… Grandmum: Grandmum is currently single, you know~?

Hosty: And the finalll question is this; what is your role in the newly released Jollier Roger 2?

Grandmum: Me role? Why, besides the voice of wisdom, Grandmum be the hot female lead who uses her power of seduction to-

Hosty: And that’s all we have time for today! Remember-

Grandmum: -and all the hot Spaniards just go mad when they see Grandmum in her bathing suit! You can’t forget me bathing suit.

Hosty: That ain’t in the book!

Grandmum: Well it should be! Right Henry?

[Henry caws and flaps his wings]

Grandmum: Yeah! Go pluck his nose off!

Hosty: Ahhh…!

If ye’re interested in grabbin’ a signed copy of Jollier Roger 2, send us an email at: Hinotae @ aol . com Or message us on Facebook


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