Why Rum?


Have ye ever wondered, me hearties, why pirates found themselves utterly obsessed with rum? I mean, for sure they must o’ liked the stuff, but why not wine, or bear?

The answer to that be so simple it may not even be worth sayin’, but by thunder! we’re gonna say it anyway! The truth is, water went bad after a very short time.

I’m sure pirates would o’ liked to quench their thirst with some refreshing water, maybe with a little ice and a straw even, but back in the day, WAY back in the day, they didn’t have none o’ that.

Instead they had wooden casks, humid air, and hot cargo holds where the water became putrid and swimming with bacteria. No thank ye! So if it was alcohol, it could be stored much, much longer.

So I wager they had to pick the best choice. It ain’t like picking yer favorite soda, mates; they made their pick based on what they could get their hands on, and since the sugarcane industry was booming in the Caribbean where they haunted, that made rum the sure winner.

And now ye know. Thank ye for lettin’ us waste a little o’ yer time!


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