Sea Shanties

We really didn’t mean for it to, but over the course of 180+ chapters, one of the recurring themes o’ Jollier Roger is the sea shanty.

As ye might know, a sea shanty was a song sung at sea or in the harbor to help along the work. It set the pace for how the capstan should be turned, how the cords should be tugged, and sich things.

In the world of Jollier Roger, every good pirate has a sea shanty. We like to think they’re pretty catchy if ye hum ’em to yerself or sing ’em with yer mates now and then. Not that we expect you to or even advise you to; ye might get some right dirty looks if ye go about singin’ Deadglare’s song in the store, or Swashbucklet’s fancy at the inlaws’s place.

But they’re pretty all right, and not just fun to read but also fun to write. There are plenty o’ real-life sea shanties; Randy Dandy, Blow the Man Down, The Drunken Sailor are but a few.

So, do ye know any? Have ye read Jollier Roger and have a favorite? Let’s hear from ye, unless o’ course ye’re not in the mood to talk, in which case ye can just think yer answer.

By Steven Vincent Posted in Random

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