Sometimes ye just need to stop and smell the roses. Other times ye need to sing a famous song about rum and a dead man’s chest. Either way it helps to know what ye’re doin’. For instance, ye wouldn’t want to smell the roses only to find our they ain’t roses, nor flowers at all!

And in just the same way, it’s nice to know what all that pirate yo-ho-ho-ing is all about. That’s an easy one; it’s part of a sea shanty.

Pirates weren’t the only ones to sing such songs. The crews of merchant ships did it too. The rhythm o’ the tune helped guide the sailors in specific tasks; hauling lines, turning the capstan, and so on.

In the novel in which Fifteen Men was invented, that a’course being Treasure Island, the yo-ho-ho is for the capstan, and when they got to the second ‘ho’ they gave it a greater effort.

But ye know, I think after the work is all done, a good pirate just sort o’ sings yo-ho-ho because he’s happy, or sad, or angry.

Thanky for blowin’ away yer time with this little article. See ye next time!


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