Jollier Interview: Ruben Cordova

Arghhh, maties! Get ready for another Jollier Interview. We sat down with pirate Ruben Cordova to ask him some piratey questions. Here’s what he had to say.


Question: Let’s start out with the basics. What is the most piratical thing about ye?

Ruben: Me ugly face and me evil eyes.

Question: Two fine qualifications. So then, if ye had a ship, what kind would she be, what would ye name her, and for what reason would ye jump ship?

Ruben: So I think I have me a sloop and her name be “The Wicked Sea Wench” I would never jump ship for I be Captain a Captain goes down with the ship.

Question: Hear, hear! Next… Suppose ye’re at sea and some coins o’ yers go missing. It’s either the cook, the cooper, or the rigger who stole them. Which one do ye blame first?

Ruben: I accuse the cook cause fer the scallywag have free range of the ship whilst we on deck

Question: Aye! But later on, suppose, ye find ye just misplaced them coins. Do ye make a clean breast of it at the sake o’ yer pride, or concoct a grand story about how it’s still the cook who took them?

Ruben: I make a grand story of the whole thing and have the cook flogged. Fear keeps a tight ship.

Question: Can’t argue with that! and between the evil eyes and the flogging, ye seem all set. All ye need now is a pirate pet, and it can’t be a bird of any sort. What do ye pick?

Ruben: A large Frilled Lizard



And thar we go! Another exhilarating interview with another fine pirate. Now I ask, does any mother’s sons (or daughters) of ye want to be next? All ye need to do is like pirates. Can’t get much simpler than that! Message us, or speak up in the comments below.


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