Where in the World is the Waggerbiter?


But first, what in the world is the waggerbiter? Simple; the waggerbiter is an inky-impish-penguin-like creature existent in a number of stories and thus able to cross dimensions and so forth, but-! We won’t bore you with the details. This is the story of the waggerbiter, Jaake Finch, and his travels across the world. Our world.

When last we saw Jaake Finch, he was crashing in the waves. Jaake Finch later washed ashore, and meant to settle the little matter of a contest to see who could guess where he might appear next, but the idea of winners and losers prompted him to do some searching, and so he decided to forgo the contest and simply share his travels with the rest of the world.

These travels took him to an arid land of sand, heat, and more sand. “Someone dumped sand all over the place!” he remarked upon arrival, “and look! Someone dented that horse’s back!”


Of course, being the intelligent impish creature that he is, the waggerbiter didn’t take long to realize this was a camel. He just needed the creature to kick him hard enough in the face, launching him through the air with a sickly cry of dismay and finally landing him atop a great pyramid, to really appreciate how healthy the animal was.

But upon landing, the waggerbiter discovered an opening in the sandstone bricks. He entered, and found a dark passage leading deeper into the shadows…

-to be continued.


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