Jollier Interview: Brian Collis

Welcome to the latest edition of the Jollier Roger interview. Today we sit down with Brian Collis, a good shipmate to have, and we ask him a few piratey questions. So without much more delay, here we go!

Question 1 – First things first, why should ye be a pirate? Tell us!

Answer: All rivers lead to the sea, and all human souls try ‘n follow. I’m sure that’s why everyone in a landlocked environment deep down is sad and unfulfilled. They may say otherwise, but I’m convinced they’re lyin, tryin desperately to justify livin where they can’t smell the brine. Once on the sea o’ course, a pirate’s life is the clear choice… Cut off from all human institutions, at the mercy o wind and tide is how to achieve the freedom the soul seeks.

Question 2 – Can’t go wrong with that answer! So now, the Governor offers ye a large sum o’ coins IF ye trade on a pirate captain ye knew back in the day. Do ye do it?

Answer: Bad karma. Who knows who the guv’ner tries ta grease next? Don’t give anyone a reason ta turn rat on ya. Some may in any case, but I prefer ta sail with a clean conscience.

Question 3 – It turns out the Governor also offered a large sum o’ coins to the pirate captain ye knew back in the day, to trade on YE! Now, he says he wouldn’t do such a thing; do ye trust him, or is it time to set sail…?

Answer: Set sail! Whether he ratted on ya ‘r not, take to the waves until things clear up.

Question 4 – That’s the long-living answer! One more for ye. If there was a national food for pirates, what would it be? (Note: Rum is a’ready the national drink.)

Answer: The sea provides. But food should also remind ye of what yer workin for. I’d propose some coconut crusted shrimp, with a citrus dippin sauce (to prevent scurvy. yarr.)


Great answers! Ye’re a pirate if we ever seen one. Thanks for takin’ the time, Brian, and if anyone else would like their time in the spotlight, leave a comment and we’ll get to yar! Until then, stay calm and think like a pirate!

Also, don’t forget that Jollier Roger 1 and 2 will be FREE from Dec 7th through Dec 9th, leading up to the release of Jollier Roger 3, so look for that!


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