Where in the World is the Waggerbiter? Part 2

But first, what in the world is the waggerbiter? Simple; the waggerbiter is an inky-impish-penguin-like creature existent in a number of stories and thus able to cross dimensions and so forth, but-! We won’t bore you with the details. This is the story of the waggerbiter, Jaake Finch, and his travels across the world. Our world.

When we last saw our hero, he had just been kicked by an unruly camel, and before he could even come to understand what sort of creature had inflicted the blow, Jaake Finch landed on the peak of a large triangular structure amidst the sands .


A portal opened, and the curious wanderer entered…

A dark tunnel led deeper and deeper into the shadows. The air was filled with a sense of wonder, mystery, and ancient history. Not that Jaake Finch noticed, for at the moment he was far too occupied with his search for a light switch.

A mummy emerged from a hidden chamber, but with a doff of his hat he pressed forward, muttering to himself deep in thought. That is when it hit him. Not the mummy, but the wall.


Actually it was he that hit the wall, but removing his face from the ancient bricks, he gazed upon the hieroglyphics which portrayed a small army, come to face a monstrous beast in battle.

He studied “The strange writing-markings,” for some time, and soon discerned that the monster was actually wielding a mystic power. “And here is, in a matter of speaking… a clue to its location!”

Jaake Finch turned to the mummy, who had come to examine the wall also. “I don’t suppose you can read any of this…?”

– To be continued…


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