Pinned: Welcome to Jollier Roger Cove!


Here be the official website of Jollier Roger; a pirate/fantasy book series on the Amazon Kindle and in print, too! It’s a hilarious and epic adventure that follows the strange and aloof young pirate captain, James Roberts, on his 18th century treasure hunt across the Caribbean. He’s after the legendary Magic Treasures, and so are a slew of bloodthirsty foes and breathtaking monsters!

Click the button to yer right to get email updates on new posts on this blog and updates about Jollier Roger and the jollier community. Ye’ll love the fortune-tellings of Grandmum Roberts, the misadventures of the waggerbiter, the mindless babble of Chuck Farthing and Davy Bones, or the letters of the Jollier Roger himself! We’ve kick-started the whole site, so there be plenty in store.

By Steven Vincent Posted in Update

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