Jollier Interview: Kristin Missy

Welcome to another Jollier Interview, where we take ordinary but amazing folks such as yerselves, then ask them questions as if they were bigshots! Today we’re sitting down with Kristin Missy.


Question: Would ye be a good sort of pirate, or a bad one?

Kristin Missy: A good one.

Question: Good to hear! Bein’ a good pirate and all, do you see yarself accomplishing great things as a pirate?

Kristin Missy: Semi-great thing, yes.

Question: Well it sounds like ye’ve got yer expectations good and balanced! Now picture this; the treasure chest is slippin’. Ye can only grab one piece o’ treasure. Do you grab the gold coin, the jewel, or the silver trinket?

Kristin Missy: The jewel!

Question: That was prompt! Why that one?

Kristin Missy: Simply put, I like jewels.

Question: That holds to logic. All righty, one more question for yer. Even pirates need vacations. Where would you take the crew for some R&R, and why?


Kristin Missy: The mountains of China, the crew needs a change o’ scenery.


China! Well there ye have it, mates, another interview exposin’ the greatness o’ ordinary folk and giving them their five minutes in the limelight. If you would like to answer some questions, leave a comment saying so, or send us a message on Facebook. We’ll be waiting, and until then… … argh!


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