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Here be the official website of Jollier Roger; a pirate/fantasy book series on the Amazon Kindle and in print, too! It’s a hilarious and epic adventure that follows the strange and aloof young pirate captain, James Roberts, on his 18th century treasure hunt across the Caribbean. He’s after the legendary Magic Treasures, and so are a slew of bloodthirsty foes and breathtaking monsters!

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Comin’ Mighty Soon: Jolly Rogers on Jollier Roger Cove!

‘ow is that for a tongue-twister, mates? Well it’s true though; in a few days we’ll be gatherin’ up all the most legendary flags of the worst buccaneers to ever set sail and trivializing them all onto one page for yer viewing pleasure! No need to thank us, but ye can make sure to subscribe for updates on new posts and such. The button is right there on the side. Then once we get the page up ye’ll be the first to know!

– Jollier Staff

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Become a Pirate, Fast!

Nooo! that ain’t an order, I mean now ye can learn all ye need to begin a life of adventure on the high seas, all from yar computer chair within the span of, say, five minutes. Introducing the Lesson in Pirate page!

Ye’ll learn about ships, weapons, islands, and all without ever feelin’ like ye learned anything. But! ye’ll now be able to share random and somehow pointless facts with yar friends. Have a look, and feel free to leave a comment here or there.


A New Brand o’ Jollier Fun

Well mates, as ye may well know we are now 2 chapters into the excitin’ pirate tale of James Roberts and the Golden Pearl. So far we’ve learned that old Castor is after the treasure (big surprise thar!) and that the Jollier Roger has a very mysterious lady on his hands.

But today we be overly pleased with ourselves to announce a new brand of jollier fun, as the title says. It’s hard to find new and funny pirate pictures after a while. So! we decided to make our own, using seemingly simple pictures of birds and fish and other such pirate-ish things.

savvy snake

Jollier Roger Designs Coming Soon!

Great news, mates! Very, very soon, Jollier Roger Designs will launch; a store where ye’ll be able to buy t-shirts, keychains, coffee cups and more with amazing winkin’ skull designs and the like. Keep yer deadlights open for that, maties and ladies! We’ll let ye know as soon as we launch.

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