Jollier FAQ

What be this ‘Jollier Roger’ all about?

Jollier Roger is a pirate/fantasy novel about a young pirate captain by the name of James Roberts, secret grandson of legendary Captain Bartholomew Roberts, who crossed the 18th century Caribbean with a misfit crew in search of legendary Magic Treasures left behind by his grandfather. In short, the book is full of laughs, but also a lot of excitement. Click here to learn a little more about it!

How ship savvy do I need to be to get it, savvy?

Not very! Author Steven Vincent was inspired by the simple nature of Treasure Island when writing the series, and tried to keep a good balance between the magic of the sea and the intricacies of nautical terminology.

How many books be there in the series?

Eight and counting! Currently there are three books published in print and in ebook format. You can grab a copy here for just 99 cents.

Where can I find the books?

They’re on Amazon, in print and ebook format.

What is the ‘Jollier Crew’?

The jollier crew is the crew of the Jollier Roger, which is the name given to Captain James Roberts. The fans of the series are also a part of the jollier crew, though!

How can I become a part of the fun?

You can comment in our weekly updates, and follow this blog to get them in yer mail! Or, you can head on over to Facebook and check out our page there, full of pirate facts and fun.

Word of mouth is how we stay afloat, though. If you REALLY want to become a part of Jollier Roger, tell a mate about us. Share our links around, and make sure you grab a copy of the book! We’ll love ye for it!