About the Jollier Roger Series

Jollier Roger is the story of a young pirate captain by the name of James Roberts; secret grandson of the legendary pirate Captain Bartholomew Roberts. Though James is many things — aloof, cocky, absent-minded, and cunning — he’s the only pirate doing his job without rum or gun, and that’s why he’s gotten the name ‘Jollier Roger’.

This strange young captain sails the 18th century Caribbean in search of Magic Treasures left behind by his grandfather; objects of great power which can turn the tide of a battle and certainly help escape the hangman’s noose! But he’s not the only one who knows of them. Notorious cutthroat pirates, cold-blooded privateers, and breathtaking monsters wait around every corner, and with a touch of arrogance Captain Roberts sails on… along with his crew of misfits and his unshipshape ship.

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Book 1 – The Golden Cross

Book 2 – The Dice of Fate

Book 3 – The Ruby-eyed Skull