~ Israel ‘Black Knife’ Eastwell ~

The most feared name on all the seven seas, Eastwell is responsible for the death of many a pirate, using the king’s blessings to fuel his almost methodical hunt. He does not put on airs, however; he’s just as cruel and ruthless in the king’s service as he was as a pirate, and may very well be abusing his role to gain complete superiority over the sea.

He has a particular grudge against James Roberts, while Castor Indigo and he seem to have been close in their younger years.

~ Valentine Midwinter ~

An elegant young lady who cannot decide if she wishes to seduce James Roberts or kill him. Her skill with a blade and her aim with a pistol make her a deadly for that none would want, and yet her prey has done a good job evading her so far. Perhaps it could be that this only encourages her all the more.

~ Lionel Ravenford ~

A dark man of few words. His command is absolute whether on land or aboard his third-rate man-of-war TRIUMPH, making him a nearly unshakable adversary. He and Captain Roberts go way back, but nearly being hanged in place of the captain seems to have created a silent lust for revenge within Lionel.