The Jollier Crew

~ Captain James Roberts ~

The elusive young captain of THE BOTTLE, he shares his thoughts seldom though one may assume they are ever of himself. This is not to say he is conceited; he simply has his priorities. Being the grandson of a very famous pirate, he has a reputation to live up to and he’s doing just that by gathering the Magic Treasures.

While James would boast of his balance, he would be less inclined to speak of his kinking neck or how easily he becomes dizzy, or that his greatest nemesis has been living aboard his vessel since he found the magic ship.

~ First Mate Dogban ~

A boisterous and superstitious Norwegian man who is very good friends with James Roberts, though even he is not exempt from the oftentimes drudging orders given by the captain. Dogban is known for his very deep vocals, so when song time comes his mates know when to panic.

~ Boatswain Raju ~

A young black man, presumably from Jamaica and not much older than the captain. Despite his simple speech he is actually one of the more logical thinkers aboard THE BOTTLE, but his tasks are often compromised by the rash orders and decisions made by James himself.

~ Ship’s Cook Hoozat ~

Ship’s cook Hoozat is known for two things; his deadly cooking and his terrible hearing. Rarely if ever can this old man receive an order correctly, even after the first few tries, so it comes as no surprise that he lost a hand long ago, now replaces with a hook. He also has a peg-leg and an eye-patch, so one must really wonder…

~ Tenika ~

Long ago James paid court to this African beauty, and though it was for one day it had a lasting effect on her; so much, that she spent the rest of her years chasing down her would-be lover. Very early on she succeeds in hunting down Captain Roberts, at which point she offers him a cruel choice; marriage, or allowing her to join his crew. Though she is a beauty as I’ve stated, she lacks any and all manners… and I do mean all manners.

~ Estavan Acosta ~

A Spaniard with a ship and a pirate crew of his own, known by many as the Red Demon. He considers himself the center of the universe and the best with a rapier, though his fateful encounter with James Roberts will turn his universe and rapier upside down. The Red Demon becomes Ruffles, and his life of ill fortune begins.

~ Green Bandana ~

His real name is unknown, but mostly he is known for the green bandana which he always wears, thought to bring him some luck in his otherwise unlucky life. He has a way of dying, as it were, and if not for the strange ship he helps sail, he’d have gone to the Locker long before his tale begins.

~ Bear ~

Captain James Roberts, in an effort to know his men by name, often names his men in ways he will remember. In the case of this young blonde rigger, he chose the name Bear, taken from the man’s bare-chested nature. He is not a very smart decky, but he gets the job done.

~ Grog ~

A tall African man, likely freed from a slaver and put to good use aboard the captain’s ship. Do to his immense size and few words, he is the ideal henchman to Roberts, and he and his brother are often given the honor of leading boarding parties.

~ Quartermaster Goliath ~

Older brother of Grog, this former slave was rightfully named after a giant, and has himself a pair of arms that can hoist an anchor. While he is not known to have spoken more than half of a broken sentence, he makes his point known through a series of growls and grunts, and angry looks.

~ Ship’s Cook Larry ~

This unpretty fellow is the new cook aboard THE BOTTLE, and aspires to cook half as well as old Hoozat. His mates gave him the notorious nickname ‘Loose Lips Larry’ sort of on account of his massive, stuttering lips, but mostly because of his ability to destroy any secret invested in him!

~ Anchor ~

Such a fitting-named fellow who joins the jollier crew for reasons unknown. He’s a heavy man with a need to feed, and though his weight makes him a good substitute for an anchor he is not known for his brains or courage.

~ The Eyeless Hag ~

A bitter old crone with a crow on her shoulder. She claims to read the future with her Emerald Eyes, but she may just be in touch with the Magic Treasures. Foul-cursing and booze-drinking, she is a relative of the James Roberts’.

~ Greyman ~

A strong ABS who serves as the Eyeless Hag’s henchman. Nothing is known about him, other than that he’s a brute in battle and a dead-eye with the pistol.

~ Elisa ~

A Portuguese young lady from the land of Siam. Her strange upbringing gave her a strange desire to become a pirate, and with words and force she made her way aboard THE BOTTLE. Clean to the point of obsession, she cannot speak very good English.