The Golden Cross


Come aboard and prepare yerselves for a hilarious high seas adventure unlike anything ye ever have seen before, with a splash a’ pirate history and magic upon each every page!

Captain James Roberts is seeking the Magic Treasures; enchanted items once belonged to his legendary grandfather, and he’ll let nothing slow him down – not even his dysfunctional crew a’ misfits and outcasts, or his un-shipshape ship: The Bottle.

The only problem is, he’s not the only one in on this Caribbean treasure hunt of grand proportions. His bloodthirsty former captain – Castor Indigo – be just as determined to claim these magnificent spoils and he’ll not think twice about sending a bullet James’ way, nay, not he!

As the wager unravels, though, they both may find themselves sailing some deadly waters… with a deadly foe……

It’s a tale for anyone from the cabin boy to the seasoned buccaneer. Ye’ll find yerselves now laughing, now clinging to the edge of yer seats as the jollier crew braves the jungles of 18th century Costa Rica, the haunted ship graveyard of Cayman Brac, swashbuckling battles with privateers upon stormy tides, encounters with rats, close calls with a beautiful-yet-noisome wench, and so much more that ye do better to read the tale than make me tell it all here!


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