Famous Ships

~ Queen Anne’s Revenge ~

A 300-ton frigate captured by the French and modified to hold more cargo, latter captured by Blackbeard and equipped with 40 cannons. Despite the great success he had with her, Teach only sailed Queen Anne’s Revenge for less than a year before running her aground at Beaufort Inlet, Carteret County, North Carolina. The ship was found on November 21, 1996, and has since been excavated; the cannons found still loaded.

~ Adventure Galley ~

A 287-ton English sailing galley with 34 light cannons, which combined square rigged sails and oars to give her maneuverability in both windy and calm conditions. Though Captain Kidd was able to use her in capturing two vessels off India, by the spring of 1698 her hull was so rotted that she was stripped of anything movable and sunk off the north-eastern coast of Madagascar. In 1999–2000, a wreck thought to be this ship was found alongside several other pirate vessels.

~ The Fancy ~

Formerly known as Charles II, Henry Every and a few others successfully carried out a mutiny aboard this 42-gun privateer vessel, sending her original captain ashore and sailing for the Cape of Good Hope. At this time, the ship was renamed the Fancy. This is the same vessel which Every used to make his legendary raid.

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