Jolly Rogers

What is a Jolly Roger? Well, historical types be ever so conflicted on where the term came from, but what they do know is that it was a pirate’s banner; a flag flown as a sort of warning. The picture was worth a million words fer sure, and even more screams! It usually meant to stand down, or that time was running out. Some just meant it was, aye, time to start screamin’. Here are but a few famous Jolly Rogers. See one that ain’t here? Leave a message below and we’ll track it down.

~ Thomas Tew ~

Thomas Tew
~ Bartholomew Roberts ~

Bartholomew Roberts
~ “Black Sam” Bellamy~

Black Sam Bellamy, Edward_England
~ Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard ~

Blackbeard (Edward_Teach)
~ Calico Jack Rackham ~

Calico Jack Rackham
~ Edward Low ~

Edward Low

~ Henry Avery/Every ~

Henry Every
~ Stede Bonnet ~



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